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Casa el viejo cactus

Casa El Viejo Cactus is a store of crafts and gifts located in Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur. We have a great collection of local and national crafts, we also have souvenirs like t-shirts, caps, key chains, cups, mugs, Tequila shot glasses, etc. Many of these crafts and souvenirs are made of marine and whales motifs , since whales and other marine life is the main attraction of this region.

Casa el viejo cactus

Casa El Viejo Cactus is located next to Restaurant Malarrimo and Eco-Tours Malarrimo at the entrance of Guerrero Negro.

Casa El Viejo Cactus is the best option if you are looking for souvenirs, crafts or gifts for memories of your trip to Guerrero Negro, Baja and México. Its also helpful for those details that emphasize the decoration of your house or place of work.

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Casa El Viejo Cactus, Blvd. Emiliano Zapata s/n Col. Fundo Legal, Guerrero Negro B.C.S. México

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